Group activities



Royal Elite Trading was founded in 1989 and it is the nucleus and starting seed of Royal Elite Group where it began to trade in building materials, electrical Generators and equipment to cover all commercial fields.



we in the Royal Elites Group have opted to be creative so we picked the Decor & Design field to represent our creativity that we provide the clients of our group with therefore we say in full confidence that we are who you are looking for.  



as per our group’s interest in diversifying its business, we added the contracting activity, which included  construction, stone, marble and dyes, as well as sanitary, electrical, Contracting and general maintenance.  



Applying to the Group chairman expansion’s vision in the fields of investment and diversification of income sources we added navigation activity  shipping, land sea & air transporting  shipping services and packaged goods.    



Because of the renaissance of Real Estate and Urban development ,which is witnessed by UAE in all areas, we have decided to contribute  with our experience to keep up this development by adding real estate for this group.



Since the field of consulting  and services is considered the backbone of the investment we have decided to add services and consulting to the group to be completed by the investment entity of the group.

About Us

Royal elite group was founded in 1989 and since its inception, which began corporation ( royal elite trading ) and walked steps emboldened combined experience and application to expand its branches and diversified its business and services inside and outside the UAE at regional and international level, currently group includes a group of companies and corporations, diversified its business in several areas including commercial activities, construction, decoration and cargo, transportation, real estate and business consultation with the development objectives of the Group and the expansion of its activity and its attached great importance to developing the means and methods of work in line with the spirit of the age and evolution of the United Arab Emirates. so This Group has adopted all of its brunches on an integrated business system to provide better and faster services and products to its customers and to be the preferred choice for all our customers of all fieldes and work to achieve customer satisfaction at the lowest cost and the latest styles with credibility and responsibility and honsty..  
Abdul Qadir Albanna  Chairman & CEO


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